Monday, October 3, 2016

More Than Just Equals.

Philipians 2:3
“Do nothing
from rivalry or conceit,
but in humility
count others more significant
than yourselves.”

What to say about this verse, how does it relate today. I like to think it doesn't apply to me, I am not trying to compete with anyone, am I?
However I do often find myself trying to be right, and I find I don't like to be wrong. Is that a bad thing? Maybe not in itself, but maybe the motive is. All though I am not trying to compete with anyone specific, I find myself trying to maintain this image of correctness. Why? It only frustrates me more because in reality I want to be perfect. It frustrates me because I obviously am not, I see that and I hate when others see it too. I am grateful for those around me though, because they do not hate me for it. That has begun a process of letting go the need to look perfect, but it still gets to me at times.

“Count others more significant than yourselves.”
This also hits me, I don't look down on others. I count others as my equals, that is all that is required of us now a days. To treat others as equals will make you highly respected in America or most other places in the world. God however is looking deeper. To treat another as an equal is good, but it is not the kind of love that God pours into us. When Jesus died on the cross he esteemed our lives more significant than His own. When He washed the disciples feet He showed that place as their Master did not make service an inappropriate thing for one Who is Highly esteemed.

The Law said love God with all that you are and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus said a new command I give you that you love one another as I have loved you, by this others shall know you are my disciples, by your love one for another.

Jesus has called us to a deeper love. And I may get brownie points from men for loving others as myself, as my equals, but not with God. He asks more. How can I live with a sacrificial love. How can I practically show love to others and treat them as more significant than myself?

All the while I think about this, yes practical acts of love are good, but I am not satisfied with that.
God wants a heart change rather than a habit change. It is twofold.
And the truth is my heart is not right in this area.
Yes I think it is going to be a twofold thing.

Count others as more significant than myself instead of just equals from the heart, and act upon it.


I will pray and ask God to change my mind and heart on this, and also be intentional in looking for ways to lift others up today, to count them more significant then myself.